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Symbolic Scattering in the Holy Land

1-Aley Symbolic urn in palm
A small urn with velvet box,
A serial number to seal the urn,
A padded envelope carrying our address to send it back to us
A form with scattering information and e-mail for the memorial website
 - The perfect kit for the symbolic scattering.
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Simbolic Scattering - Watch Now



What's in it for my customers?
The Final Quest is an additional service that combines with the traditional christian service.

Symbolic Scattering is a special way to empower the memory of your customer's beloved one.

This service meets faith and long years of heritage, touches deeply in everyone's heart and creates a fabioulous story for the family.
A Personal, one of a kind service, which will stay with them forever.

Your customers will receive a certificate of service rendered, video documentation of the service they chose and a personal memorial site to be shared among families and friends.

Affordable Price.
What's in it for my company?
Symbolic farewell in the land of faith is very meaningful for believing christians and it's a great privilage to be able to give your customers the ability to give their loved one the final rest place in the shelter of God. 

Increase revenues from cremation remains.

create new revenues from existing data base - approach families and offer the service.

Win-win Concept, easy to use.

Earn interesting story for PR.
How would I know that my customers want this service?
People in the process of grief are looking for personalization and uniqueness while keeping with there tradition.
This service is EXACTLY it, and it is affordable too.

The Final Quest is an additional service that combines with the traditional christian service.
Does it requires any up-front investment?

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We provide for free full marketing material: Show room dispay, Video, Brochure and Roll-Up carring your Logo. When needed and if possible, we will provide training for your staff.
You will get every help needed to promote the concept.

We are here for help and supprt, by phone, mail, text messages...

Is It Complicated...?
It's actually very simple!
Join us, get all the information you need and start selling.

* Recommend your customer to combine this service as part of the full deal.

* Make an On-line order

* We're sending you a kit that includes the urn, serial number and a shipping envelope

* Send us the package back via mail

* We'll recieve it and will perform according to your request.

* We provide you with unique personal memorial website for your customer - with your Logo, containing the video of the ceremony.

*We send you by mail the Certificate of Confirmation with the details of the scattering

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