Aley shalechet - Final Quest

Symbolic scattering and burial in the Holy Land

Our Team - Your Partner!

Aley Shalechet is Israel's leading funeral home and crematorium

Aley Shalechet Ltd (Automn Leaves) Established in 2004 as the first Modern Funeral Home and Crematorium in Israel.
We offer a Wide Range of Complementary Services to our Customers in Israel and Around the World, of all Religions.

we are the only Israeli company with a full membership in all leading international organizations: FIAT-IFTA, CANA, ICF, NFDA, ICCFA and JFDA.

For over a decade, we have specialized in ceremonial ash scattering & burial services that cater to the needs and wishes of the bereaved and their beloved departed. Our experience has taught us to help in the grieving process and to treat all our Customers with the utmost respect and dignity they deserve – always in accordance to the highest professional standards.

By partnering with us, together we can fulfill your customer's lifelong religious aspirations. We work closely with funeral homes and directors throughout the world, offering flexible, tailor-made burial and ash scattering memorial services to people of all faiths.

Partnering with us has many benefits:
  • One-of-a-Kind Service to offer your customers
  • Uniquely flexible ash scattering services
  • Extensive, tailor-made burial solutions
  • Additional highly lucrative revenue streams from new and existing customers base

The Aley Shalechet advantage will set you apart from the competition while generating more income to your business.

Saying goodbye to loved ones is never easy. We help to alleviate the pain and suffering by granting eternal peace in the Holy Land that serves both as a celebration of a life-long journey and as a testimony for generations to come.

Together we will implant the everlasting legacy of the deceased in holy places where prophets spoke the Almighty’s word, where miracles happened and where historic battles took place. Every living soul deserves a final place of rest in the Holy Land's lush valleys, vibrant springs and marvelous deserts that echo the voices of Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed. And now, it's easier than ever before.

Lets join together to fulfill the Holy Land Final Quest that your clients deserve.