Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Aley website (hereinafter: the "Website" or "Site") is an Internet site that runs a virtual shop, and which offers its customers information and sells different products, such as: Scattering services, momentos burial and burial (the "Services"). This Website is under the ownership of the company Aley Shalechet Ltd. (the "Company")

All the rules and regulations appearing here apply equally to both genders. In some cases the masculine pronoun may be used, simply for ease of reading.

All the customers of this service, future customers and/or those requesting information through this Site, and/or those who are surfing into this Site, and participating in the activities offered through this Site, declare that they have read the regulations and agree to its conditions.

Conditions For Use Of The Site - Purchasing And Information Services

 Several different actions can be done on this Site - to make a reservation, and to obtain service and/or information. Do not use this Site for other purposes.

Every person above the age of 18 and who has a valid credit card from one of the credit card companies accepted in Israel (or who has permission from the credit card owner) is allowed to place an order through this Website.

An order or an offer to place an order (hereinafter: an "Offer") of a purchase, in order to receive services, will be granted only if all of these conditions are fulfilled: (1) We can confirm this transaction was authorized through the credit card company of the buyer; (2) The products requested are available in inventory; (3) The address for delivery where the service will be provided is found on the company’s delivery map; (4) The buyer owns an email address on the Internet, unless the order is placed through a phone call.

The Policy Of Services And Pricing

 orders on this Website will be processed only if an order exceeds the value of NIS 100.

Funeral Homes, crematoriums may sell Aley Shalechet services for more than suggested retail price but may not at any time offer discounts, specials, or any other pricing strategy that is below the listed price without written consent from an authorized Aley Shalechet representative

All of the services, prices (including delivery expenses) and the conditions of payment made available through this Website can change occasionally, and will be done so at the sole discretion of the company.

In the event where an order to purchase a floral bouquet and/or a flower arrangement and/or condolences letters presented on our Website are made, and some of the items are out of stock, the Company will deliver to the buyer, a product which is as similar as possible to the original product ordered – similar in colour and/or in the type of product that was purchased through the original transaction.

In the event where an alternative item presented on the Website is out of stock, a message will be sent to the purchaser through email or by phone. The Company reserves the right to offer an alternative product with a similar character and price. If the buyer approves, the details of the reservation will be updated. If not, the reservation will be deleted and the credit card will not be charged.

The delivery will reach the requested destination within twenty-four (24) hours from the time that the reservation was approved. This is on the condition that the order is placed during hours of operation of the ordering center, which is Sunday through Thursday 8:30 to 18:00; Fridays and the morning before a holiday from 8:30 until 12:00. This does not include the morning before a holiday. On these days the order maybe delivered throughout the day.

 Buyer Details and Internet Website Security

At the time the order is placed through the Website, the buyer will be expected to supply private details, details of the order, credit card details and so forth into the system (hereinafter: the "Details"). The owner of this Site, and/or Site operator, and/or Site management, and/or those commissioned on their behalf, are not responsible for any mistake that has been made by the buyer while adding these details. Furthermore, the aforementioned will not be responsible directly or indirectly to assume responsibility for the situation where the details of purchase are not received by the system, and/or for any technical problem, and/or for any other problem that may prevent operation of this Site.

Adding false details is a criminal felony. Those who submit false details will be taken to court, and this could include suing for damages from damages caused to the Site, and/or to Site owners, and/or to Site operators, and/or Site management, and/or those commissioned on their behalf. In the case that details are submitted incorrectly (including personal details of the buyer), the Company reserves the right, and/or those commissioned on the Company’s behalf, to cancel the order.

The database processor of this company manages details of every action that is conducted at this Site. These details will serve as proof to all transactions made. However, the server clock will be used to decide the exact time as to final and conclusive evidence as to when the order was placed on the Site.

All the transaction details from the Website, including the details of the order, and the details of the purchaser, will be transferred through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) - widely-used in electronic trade - into the data-processing computer of the company.  These details will not be shared by the company, or its operators, to any third party sources, not including the credit card company and the suppliers expected to fill the order placed by the purchaser. The company reserves the right to use the details that the buyer will supply, in order to statistically analyse the data and to provide this information to other sources. In this case, the data will not refer personally to the buyer and will not be associated with him.

The company reserves the right to send the buyer electronic mail and reach him in writing or verbally with all the information regarding promotions held by the company, new items on the Website, and promotions on other commercial enterprises, to the extent applicable by law.

 Payment for the services

All the prices that are presented on this Website include VAT, unless specifically mentioned otherwise. The consideration for the render of the Services will be charged to a credit card of which details are added during the order, or close to the time that the merchandise is dispatched to the address mentioned in the order. If there is a policy of the company to allow special payment plans of these goods, it will be done so accordingly (under the approval of the credit card company).

The purchase total that the buyer will be charged will be seen in “The Shopping Cart” or in “incoice”. This sum will include all the details that are appearing in the cart, including delivery fees.

The policy and the prices of delivery (including the policy of calculating delivery expenses in one order when there is more than one product delivered to one address), delivery time, and the distribution area are detailed in these sections: in – “Delivery and Returns” and “Distribution Areas”. All that is written in the sections mentioned above are inseparable parts of the regulations and are among the conditions when presenting an offer to purchase services from this company.

 Cancelling an Order By The Buyer

Every buyer, who submits an order to buy and who is interested in cancelling the order, has to do so within: (a) one (1) hour for any perishable product (e.g. flowers); or (b) fourteen (14) days for any other product (non-perishable); from the time the order was sent to the Company (or the time that the company was contacted by telephone). In the event where the order should be processed on another day, it is possible to place a cancellation announcement five (5) hours before the executing time of the order, through the order centre during hours of operation. (Sunday to Thursday 8:30 to 18:00; Fridays and the morning preceding a holiday from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM+ GMT +2). The cancellation announcement will be sent to the telephone centre of the company (phone+972-732-755-750) and it will also be sent in parallel in writing (fax or via email). Cancellation of the action will be possible any time before the company has sent the product, and/or those affiliated to the address that the offer has been received. 

Limits of The Warrantee

The Company is working to ensure that all of its products will be high in quality and worthy of use. An emphasis is placed on the high quality ofservices and products.

The Company is obliged that the service and products, will be of fine quality. In the event that one of the aforementioned products is not so(the “Damaged Product”), the buyer can reach the Company (through the telephone centre number +972732755750) to make a report. It is agreed by both parties, that the Company will check the complaint and may replace the Damaged Product, or refund the buyer in the sum of the purchase price (including delivery charge, only if other services were not placed in the same deal), at the sole discretion of the Company.

The exclusive liability for all products, and any information and presentation presented on the Website, with respect to the products offered on the Site, and the essence of the product, including the names of the manufacturers, the quality of the products, pictures of the products and so forth, lies upon the manufacturer and/or producer’s, and/or importer’s, and/or distributors of the products, governed by the rules and the regulations to protect the buyer and in accordance with the conditions of the warrantee certificate and the services that are attached to every product or service, where included.

The pictures on this Site are for illustrative purposes only. It is important to know, that in light of the fact that the pictures are presented on a computer screen, and/or are printed from the computer, there can be differences and changes between the look of the illustrated product to the actual product. The photos of floral bouquets as appeared in the Website represent the medium sized bouquets only.

The Company shall not be liable to the other party or any third party for any special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages of any nature, for any reason, including, without limitation, the breach of these Terms of Use or any termination of the Services, whether such liability is asserted on the basis of contract, tort (including negligence or strict liability) or otherwise, even if warned of the possibility of such damages. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary under these Terms of Use and/or any applicable law, in any event, Company's entire liability under these Terms of Use shall not exceed the amount of payment actually paid by buyer to Company.

The Company, and/or Website owners, and/or Site operators, and/or Site management, and/or those commissioned on their behalf, are not responsible that the server on which the Site is operating, will be free of viruses and malicious elements that could hurt or cause defects to the buyer’s personal computer or any other equipment associated to the buyer whenever he enters or/and orders services and/or uses this Site. Furthermore, the company will not be liable for any illegal actions performed on this Site by a certain buyer or a third party, which is outside the realm of the company’s control. The company can stop or prevent the connection or the approach of a buyer to any part of the Website or to the whole Website at any time.

 Damages and compensation for inappropriate use of the site

Any person who will use the Website inappropriately is obliged to pay for any and all damages and compensation to the Company and/or to the Website owners, and/or to Website operators, and/or to Website management, and/or to those commissioned on their behalf, based on every claim, and/or expense, and/or damages of any kind, including legal fees, caused to the Company, and/or to Website owners, and/or to Website operators, and/or to Website management, and/or those commissioned on their behalf.

Ownership and reservation of rights

The Website is supplied with a variety of materials that are protected by copyrights, trademarks, other property rights, including material, images, graphics, music, video, and sounds that are partly owned by the Company and partly owned by third parties. Buyer and/or surfer and/or any other third party participating in the actions of the Website are not permitted to change, publish, transmit, or transfer, take any part in the transference or selling and using the site, or part of it, in order to create something from it, or to exploit this Site, and/or its material, as a whole or in parts for any purpose, not including the purpose that this Site was created for. The Company permits the user to download data to a personal computer for personal use, provided that such use shall not be commercial. This permit, like every other lawful action performed on this site, does not transfer to the user ownership rights on any information that is included in this site.

The user agrees not to upload information of any kind to the Site that will breach the copyrights, trademarks, and/or any transfer rights and/or pornographic material and/or gossip material and so forth. If the user uploaded information, and/or material as mentioned above, and he/she agrees to compensate the Company and/or someone on its behalf and/or the Site operator, for any damage and/or expense (including legal fees and expenses), which will incur to the Company as a result of the misconduct of the user as aforementioned.

The Website has links to other sites on the Internet. The Company supplies these links for the convenience of its users and is not responsible for the information apparent on these sites or other sites that are connected to them, including their validity and legitimacy. The buyer that uses these links is doing so, according to their own responsibility.

Everyone that wants to link to this Website from other sites must make a request in writing and within advanced notice to the company in order to get permission in writing to do so.

The Company is permitted to close the Website, cancel services, or reduce services. Furthermore, the Company will be entitled to change the regulations of the Website from time to time.

Any disagreement between the buyer, and/or a surfer on the Website and the company, on a transaction on the Website, will be governed by the competent courts in Tel Aviv only.

Customer Service

Further inquiries and additional information can be addressed to customer service representatives of the Company through email, info@aleyshalechet.com or by phone +972732755760 Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM; Fridays and the morning preceding a holiday from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM GMT+.